See how independent-minded people are living near Raleigh, North Carolina.

Live in a way that reflects your beliefs.

Our independent living community is based on the belief that you can create the life you want for yourself, even in retirement. Click the links below to learn more, or call 919-230-8441.

  • Discover the Neighborhood: Our community combines natural beauty, comfort and elegance.
  • Learn About the Area: Come stroll—or fish—by the lake. Feel the rhythm of a live concert. See how everything you need, from the fitness center to the dry cleaners, is a short walk away.

At SearStone, you’ll also have the security of knowing all the health care you’ll ever need is available here at costs that don’t change dramatically, even if your health does.

Come see our unbelievable way of living for yourself! Click here to schedule a visit or call 919-230-8441.