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You won’t believe how much you can do at SearStone!

A week in the life of our lively community in
Cary, North Carolina.

Each week, fill your calendar with activities to boost your vitality and improve your life, in the comfort and security of a close-knit place where everyone knows you well. Hear first hand from one of our residents:

  • Monday

    Today Ann and I brought our dogs, Bitsy and Roscoe to visit some of our neighbors in Brittany Place. I am so glad I went through the therapy-training with these dogs. It has been such a rewarding experience to see the joy our furry friends bring to the residents in Brittany Place. Some of the residents aren’t able to care for their own dog, so we’re happy to share our Bitsy for a while. After lunch I joined the Conversational French group. It has been a while since I’ve spoken French and the group is so welcoming and forgiving to my pronunciation. Maybe a trip to Paris is in the future!

  • Tuesday

    Well, I officially did it. I took a yoga class. Ann has been after me for years to try it, and since SearStone has classes right here, I figured I’d give it a go. I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I actually enjoyed it! The yoga instructor knew exactly what she was doing (which is a good thing because I certainly didn’t), and she was gentle on me, knowing I was new to yoga. I’ve always been one for cardio like running and skiing, but yoga brought a fresh perspective to my work out regime.

  • Wednesday

    One of my biggest concerns with moving to SearStone was being able to maintain our vegetarian diet. I’ve visited other communities where my friends were living and the menus were so limited and not so healthy – most of it was pre-packaged and processed, which isn’t how we like to cook at home. At SearStone though, it’s different. Healthy veggies and fresh fish are easy to come by at any of the restaurants – so perfectly prepared, we’ve barely used our gorgeous kitchen! Now, if only I could resist the temptation of the delicious desserts! 

  • Thursday

    Okay, I may have overindulged a bit yesterday (coconut cake after lunch and some outstanding chocolate soufflé after dinner), but I made up for it! I tried aqua yoga in the indoor swimming pool. It was a little chilly outside this morning, so a dip in the warm pool felt great! I used some of the same breathing techniques from Tuesday’s yoga class and I feel like I’m working muscles that I haven’t used in a while. I think I’ll try it again soon, but maybe next time I’ll have just one dessert.

  • Friday

    We’re off to the symphony tonight with a few friends. Many of our neighbors hold season tickets to the symphony, ballet or other performing arts in the area, and today a group of us is heading to the North Carolina Symphony – a Vivaldi celebration. It’s so great to see everyone dressed up and enjoying themselves. When we get back, the Bar and Grille has thoughtfully arranged a late night dinner for us to all enjoy together. It’ll be the perfect way to end the evening.

  • Saturday

    My family is coming! My daughter and her family just love coming over to our place – especially the grandkids. They love swimming in the pool. While they play, we get to catch up and relax with my daughter and son-in-law by the pool. And the best part – whenever everyone’s hungry, Ann doesn’t have to worry about making something special or cleaning up the dishes. We just head over to the restaurant. We couldn’t be happier to have a home we can all enjoy! 

  • Sunday

    After Sunday brunch, we’ve been going to Bible Study every Sunday afternoon since we moved in and it occurred to me today what great friends we’ve made there. We’re so lucky to have friends we can truly connect with – on so many levels. Today we’re all headed to the North Carolina Museum of Art for the outdoor sculpture exhibit afterward. It’s been a busy week but it’s amazing how my energy has changed living at SearStone. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next week. 

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